How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Saturday, April 12th 2014. | Dog Training

A house puppy proof

Puppies are for exploration and you can guarantee that will not be long until their curiosity leads them into trouble. So first and puppy- proof your home and garden beat before it reaches

By using puppy a cave somewhere , you know , is always completely safe have for your dog , but you still have a look at the rest of the take home .

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Ideally, deep down and see your rooms from the perspective of a puppy . Add pull cables, firewalls put in place and move fragile items out of reach.

Indoor plants need to on high shelves , so it can not be dug out or be eaten. Parental Controls Put your kitchen cabinets. Invest in some nasty anti – chew spray non-toxic sample , if you think every precious furniture can be attacked! In the garden , check their borders are secure fencing and ponds.

  • Remove or cover the exposed wires particular cable network appropriately . These are at a very attractive teething puppy , consider draping a chewy bitter apple spray treated if the cable is not possible.
  • Make sure the decorations and items you are fragile or difficult to not be able to be brought down , especially if they fall and can cause injury.
  • or exposed to protect furniture / wood floors / substances that are in danger , chewed or scratched easily . Remember , your dog will find it hard to stop if they are running on a smooth surface , so make sure that you are adequately protected against harm to themselves and their property. Clear glass doors will also cause problems excited for a new dog !
  • Consider buying a stair gate . They allow you to simply block access to areas that are off limits , while continuing to feel the puppy involved at home and easily accessible to you .
  • Move or dangerous and toxic household products such as bleach, a safe storage area . A cabinet door presents little challenge for your new arrival !
  • Keep your toilet lid closed and may be worth , be a lock on the lid.
  • or, finally, on some house rules – when the puppy comes , for example , toys that are left on the floor. Also, all teach children the basic skills of management with a soft toy and explain when they have to leave him alone .
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