Choosing the right breed

Sunday, April 20th 2014. | Dog Training

The search for the perfect puppy should be long before you start at all near a litter. Only after serious introspection, detailed research and open discussion with your family, if you be tempted to consider a home puppy – a little boring and a little spontaneity, perhaps, but full of anticipation, safety for many years to come joy.
A successful partnership with your future pet depends on you to get along and compatible personalities. Therefore, make a list of their own properties – honest. When other people to do at home the same. Are you a couch potato or a guy outdoor sports? Is there a need time alone? Are you funny or more reserved? You should quickly get an idea of the kind of dog you can live with. For example, an active dog would go crazy busy or want one that follows every move?

Choosing the right breed

Choosing the right breed

Dog or bitch?


Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference. You can (females come into season – male tendency to move) much of the gender-specific characteristics be eliminated by sterilization. Sterilization unwanted pregnancies can also stop and prevent a number of life threatening diseases. If you already have a dog, it is advisable that you buy a puppy of the opposite sex, this combination is causing the likelihood of friction. In general, dogs tend larger than their female counterparts and personalities between the sexes (affection, independence, etc.) to be, can vary from breed to breed.


Responsible dog breeders?

A good breeder should be more than willing to answer all your questions and have a fair few ask them about their lifestyle. Be wary of a breeder who, a sale is more interested in ensuring that an appropriate owner. Check that the breeder’s facilities are clean and all puppies are safe and happy. They control all the necessary health tests have taken place and the mother / father are good, healthy – and characteristic – examples of this breed. If you are uneasy at any time, depressed, or not 100% satisfied then removed with every aspect of the sale or the answers you get, and on foot.


What is the best age to buy a puppy?

In most cases, about eight weeks. If you leave this to the previous litter, it is difficult for them to make to adapt to their new surroundings. An early separation also deprive a puppy from a precious educational time with his mother and siblings. From the breeder …

1) Make sure that the breeder is a Kennel Club breed correct documents if applicable. You should also inherited all documents related to vaccinations, deworming, screening and medical history.

2) Ask about the level of socialization that puppies have been exposed in the litter. Have you been kept inside or outside? Have been handled regularly? Do you have children or other animals yet fulfilled?

3) Clarify offers what level of future support breeders. Will you return the puppy if it really works? Do you have problems with the presentation of their or move into the future? Any agreement is better taken in the form of contract to avoid any unnecessary burden future.

4) Take the advice of your breeder about feeding puppy food brand they have used and how much they were feeding. Against this line really help settle your puppy happy with you and to reduce the chances of an upset stomach.

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