Brain Food for Dogs

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Brain Food for Dogs. Keep your dog mentally strong and fight dog cognitive dysfunction syndrome with a diet rich in antioxidants and many mental stimulation.

Brain Food for Dogs

Brain Food for Dogs

One of the hardest parts of life with dogs they observed age . The signs of aging can be subtle : Rex loses his first puppy stupidity , then there is a little slower on walks and loves to sleep in a little more and before you know it , there’s a little gray in the muzzle. Fortunately, thanks to advances in nutrition and health care , it is not uncommon for a small dog life, good teenage race live and even large breed dogs are longer and healthier. But with this longer life , our dogs are facing new challenges in health care.

A common problem for the upper canines canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS ), very similar to Alzheimer’s disease in human disturbance . As they grow older , dogs can forget how to do things and seems disoriented or forgetful. You can begin to awake accidents in the house at night , it seems restless or bark without cause. These may be signs of CDS . Studies have shown that the CDS cause changes in the brain of a similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease in humans dog. In fact , the dogs were used as models for the study of Alzheimer’s disease in humans. The course of the CDS is usually very slow and caused the first symptoms of normal aging ( it barks because his hearing is bad, is disoriented because his eyesight is defective, etc. . ) To determine if problems are caused by the induced CDS , a veterinarian tests to rule out medical causes and the results do, together with the owner provides information on changes in dog behavior .

For dogs who have been diagnosed with CDS , there are prescription medications available to control the disease . However, if your dog CDS that can help you is to prevent or slow the progression of the disease and keep the brain strong senior dog and work well with ” teaser” you can do with your dog at home , and ” brain foods” that be added to your dog’s diet .


Studies have shown that , like humans, dogs do not use their brains lose some of the higher functions such as the ability to solve problems. One of the best things you can do to provide mental stimulation for your dog. This will contribute to the neurological (brain) signs of aging. Holidays with dogs for regular walks and variation of the route , play with her, she taught new tricks and are all puzzle toys will help you to use your brain and keep it off.

Research has also shown that the use of brain teaser toys in puppyhood also helps prevent the onset of CDS . Toys are not a toy puzzle that requires the dog to solve a puzzle to get the prices, for example , Kong , risotto balls and food puzzle toys . Research has also found that dogs who participated in training for adults were less likely to develop CDS . Training courses for adults could be class agility, obedience class , class of tricks or other dog sports .

Brain Food

Like humans , dogs changes in the brain as accumulation of beta- amyloid and oxidative damage . The accumulation of beta- amyloid and oxidative damage appear to be connected. Researchers have found that these physiological changes based on the development of the CDS.

Antioxidants are often talked about human health and medicine, and researchers have the effects of a diet rich in antioxidants for older dogs to see if it examines an improvement of cognitive dysfunction associated with old age . What they found is both promising and exciting. Older dogs receiving a diet rich in antioxidants showed an improvement in learning and spatial attention within two weeks after starting the diet enriched rich. When diet is combined with the mental stimulation , such as hiking , housing with another dog , and training , the impact was even greater. The tat on the spatial memory of an older dog and its ability to distinguish between objects , to recognize objects , and to adapt to new situations measure tests , dogs with diets high in antioxidants better than a control group dogs that a normal diet .

A typical antioxidant -enriched diet for humans contains vitamin E, vitamin C, L -carnitine , DL -lipoic acid and fruit and vegetable extracts. A similar diet for dogs of Hills Pet Nutrition is by your veterinarian , but if you want to enter extra brain boost food at home the opportunity , here are a few you can try.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E addition to speeds of up to 100 IU per day for a small breed dog and 400 IU per day for a large dog . If your dog’s diet contains large amounts of vitamin E already , may not need to add an additional .

Vitamin C : Vitamin C is a very safe vitamin , usually require very high doses of side effects were not observed. However, there is little benefit to provide this mega – doses. Try 50-100 mg per day, depending on your dog’s size.

Add fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables by up to 10 percent of your dog’s diet . Colorful fruits and vegetables are likely to have the greatest benefit , so try things like blueberries , raspberries , spinach , carrots , tomatoes, etc. Make sure the stomach do not interfere with them, slowly walk your dog and a little time . For a small dog that you can not believe how you are adding a significant amount , but that’s OK , remember that not much to make a difference for them.

Preventing the Puppy CD On Up

While the research showed only positive effects of diets high in antioxidants dogs that were older at the beginning of the investigation , you can start feeding your dog the brain when they are younger to prevent the development of problems. Research has shown that puppies fed a diet high in fish oil ( DHA) scored higher on tests of trainability . In addition, rat fetuses whose mothers had a diet rich in DHA fed a greater development of the brain and the nerves. If a pregnant dog is a diet is rich in DHA fed in the last three weeks of pregnancy, get their puppies older neurological advantages. If it is , they can begin an earlier development in the brain of the pups , learning to learn and earlier than it is a puppy , the lower the likelihood of developing later in life CDS . If your dog is pregnant , make sure that you have a diet rich in DHA , such as on commercial feed puppies usually eat adequate amounts of DHA. If you make your own food for your puppy or pregnant , you should consider , salmon oil, its food. If you are a food-based are feeding raw , not raw fish feed more than once a week , without additional supplementation of thiamine (vitamin B1). Raw fish contains thiaminase naturally nourish and large amounts of raw fish in a thiamine deficiency lead .

A healthy lifestyle , physical activity , social engagement and cognitive improvement activities , contains , together with the proper absorption of food antioxidants has been shown that the risk of developing neurodegenerative disease in dogs and humans alike to reduce . So, to keep you mentally strong to time , you should share a healthy vegetarian or fruit plate with his dog and his invitation to work on the puzzle with you.

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