10 Tips to cool your dog

Wednesday, April 9th 2014. | Dog Training

10 Tips to cool your dog :

1.  Always carry plenty of water dog in the car and in the hunting vest , no matter what the temperature significantly . Haul water in gallon jugs and five-gallon cans on the road and into a smaller container , Laptop on the field. In addition, carry several pounds of ice cool in a cooler chest kind of emergency dogs.

10 Tips to cool your dog

10 Tips to cool your dog

*water on the outside of a dog is a key to avoiding heat stress factor , because a wet dog is usually a big dog . Skin thoroughly soak and rub the water into and through the sheath to the skin to ensure contact . For dogs on the verge of heat stress , water poured into their language ( especially if the dog does not want or can not drink ) , ears, neck , abdomen, lower abdomen and back .

2. Never assume that the supply of natural water ( canoes cattle , ponds or streams ) is in the field can ( in warm climates , these sources can dry) or water in these places is good ( in dry periods , toxic agrochemicals you can focus there or toxic algae grow ) .

3. Get water and a hunting dog at every opportunity. Moisten all dogs before, during and after exercise or workout. And, of course , follow this same procedure on the hunt.

4. If looks cool breeze on your face , it is assumed that the temperature with poor air circulation be much hotter in the country where your dog can . Therefore, keep your dog well from inside and outside all day moisturized hunting hot.

5. When the weather is warm, hunt , exercise and train your dog to hunt early or late in the day to avoid high temperatures. In general, the chase is better anyway and your dog will always perform better in cooler conditions .

6. Recognize the signs of canine heat stress , such as excessive panting, glazed eyes , ignoring commands , staggering and falling without a chance to get up.

7. Treat all heat stress as a serious disease that can disable and may kill any dog , no matter what race , general health or age . Suppose a heat stressed dog may need medical care, including immediate access to a veterinarian for examination and treatment books.

8. A heat stressed dog must be immediately cooled with water in the mouth ( a dog does not make it drink , if you do not want or can not) , ears, neck , abdomen, back and groin . Squeeze water in the skin and hair down to ensure contact cooling occurs.

9. When transporting a heat stressed dog in a crate or trailer dog, make sure that enough fresh air to keep available the dogs container is a mortal sauna. Best of all , put a hot dog in the vehicle in front of the air conditioner.

10. Ice cubes in the drawer of his dog as an insurance policy to cool the water is always available when traveling on the road or sitting on a hot day. Consider the use of commercial products manufactured specifically designed to replace lost fluids , minerals and vitamins – something like Gatorade for dogs.

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